Video Abstract

We provide 2D animated videos with two-dimensional motion images in a digital environment to the clients to look at the clinical and scientific aspects in a visually impacting manner.

2D animated videos ease the understanding of critical processes for clinicians and patients. Drive My Research provides end-to-end service to the clients by preparing these videos from several authenticated sources like published literature, visual journals, approved and well-known clinical, regulatory bodies, and other internationally well-accepted sources. Also, preparation of promotional drug or products information for pharma clients in a 2D video format well engages the clinicians and medical professionals.

The content is prepared with a peer-review process by a team composed of experienced writers and reviewers in a client-centric manner. A specialized design team develops the end product in a visually impactful format that engages your audience with deep learning in a catchy and appealing way, adhering to your requirements. These videos lucratively appeal to clinicians and patients, in all the relevant therapeutic areas, key messages of clinical trials, and any other updated scientific or medical content. We are well committed to a restricted timeline for delivering our products to the client to promote material.

  • Two-dimensional motion images help the audience understand the story
  • End-to-end services with data from relevant and authenticated sources,
  • Easy to memorize, appealing to the clinicians in all the therapeutic areas and for the patients
  • Adherence and fulfillment of client's requirements are our key strength
*Disclaimer: Delivery Timeline depends on the content provided

How it Works