Statistical Analysis

Our qualified statisticians will analyze the data provided by you to ensure a robust study design . Data analysis is a crucial step of planning and presentation of any research work. However, statistical analysis can be complex, technical and requires in-depth knowledge of different software packages. Our expert statisticians can handle your data analysis seamlessly and efficiently to turn your raw research data into meaningful and easy-to-understand results. We use different tests depending on the need of the research design and study objectives namely Chi-Square, ANOVA, Welch’s t-test, Mann Whitney U test, Kruskal Wallis, Wilcoxon test, and so on. Our team of statisticians performs the functions given below in order to standardize your research

  • Comprehensive clean and labeled data with meaningful findings and results
  • Statistical analysis summary report
  • Descriptive graphs, charts, and figures
*Disclaimer: Delivery Timeline depends on the content provided

How it Works