Study design & methodology set up, Data Analysis and result interpretation.


Assistance in manuscript development, original research articles, case reports, abstracts, grant proposal, public health & policy reports


Assistance in Regulatory Affairs for Pharma and MedTec entities.


Its All About Researcher

Drive My Research aims to assist researchers by providing manuscript-preparation services to capitalize the impact of their research and substantiate the manuscript quality.

It caters to every need of researchers starting from protocol development till peer-review management, including data analysis, manuscript preparation, language and scientific editing and journal submission.

It is a personalized online tool for researchers to achieve their academic publication success.



Uncompromised Support Till The Academic and Publication Success

Hassle-free journal submission by our team of experts to save your time Submitting a manuscript to a journal can be overwhelming and time-consuming. At Drive My Research, we help our busy research scholars to sail through the cumbersome submission process hassle-free and without any anxiety

  • Stress-free submission
  • Assistance during revision
  • Post-acceptance support

Content plagiarism check by authentic plagiarism checker. Plagiarism is a violation of ethics, even if it is unintentional. A plagiarism check is routine for any respectable journal, and it is very unfortunate to get a rejection on this basis.

  • Clear, easy understanding
  • Plagiarism score as percentage
  • Highlighted plagiarized content

Professional writers for the development of any kind of scientific and medical content as per your need. For the success of any research scholar, their publication in reputed and impacted journals is very important as it indicates the quality of their research.

  • Tailored, original, non- plagiarized
  • High-quality research
  • On-time delivery

Our qualified statisticians will analyze the data provided by you to ensure a robust study design . Data analysis is a crucial step of planning and presentation of any research work.

  • Sample size calculations,
  • Questionnaire development
  • Data analysis
  • Report generation

How it Works

Any Other Academical Requirement

We are committed to provide services that facilitates the academics or to scientific and medical advancement. We are happy to provide a solution

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